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Patient Feedback


Mr Jalgaonkar is very grateful to all the patients who have left such great feedback. This not only helps us share the patients’ experiences about their treatment and expectations, but also guides us in finding ways to improve our services and outcomes of treatment. You can see and leave any feedback on 'I want great care' website or alternatively email us at


Written by a patient at Parkside Suite on 7th November 2019

Fantastic care throughout. I am astounded by how quickly I have healed and how quickly I was pain-free. I cannot thank Mr Jalgaonkar enough.



Written by a patient at Spire Clare Park Hospital on 13th July 2019

 A very professional man, thorough in his work and sensitive to all enquiries I had, both before and after the Operation.



Written by a patient at Nuffield Health Woking Hospital on 8th April 2019
I first saw Mr Jalgaonkar in November 2018 when we discussed my arthritic right hip and what my options were. After X-ray it was found that the hip ball and socket were completely worn away and that I had a "bone on bone" situation which was giving me great pain as well as a pronounced limp. It was agreed that he would be able to do the surgery to my convenience through his private practice which suited me as I had important commitments during 2019 which I needed to work around. The surgery was performed on 18th February and within 4 weeks I was walking without crutches and was pain free. Mr Jalgaonkar inspired great confidence with his professional but personal manner throughout and I have no hesitation in recommending him should anyone require this type of surgery. I was initially a very nervous patient having been lucky enough not to have required any hospitalisation before but at every stage he was there explaining what was what and the expectations. I would like to heartily thank him and his team for the care given and should I ever require further procedures, he would be my very first port of call.


Written by a carer at Frimley Park Hospital on 13th February 2019

Mr Jalgaonkar operated on our 13 yr old daughters knee. and her words sum things up. "Thank you for helping me when no one else would". As a parent his demeanor and friendliness along with good humor was much appreciated it meant our daughter was not frighted and understood what was happening which made it easier for us too. Of course there was a whole team working with him all of whom were absolutely fantastic. But Mr Jalgaonkar's skills are exemplary. We consider Frimley Park to be the best Hospital and it's because of people like the team we met including the staff on the ward who were all superb. The whole experience was at ease and we knew we were informed all the way. We can't thank you enough. But our daughter is now kneeling down to play with her puppy. So her future is looking bright. Thank you.


Written by a patient at Frimley Park Hospital on 22nd October 2018

 Mr Jalgaonkar is a wonderful doctor. He not only listens to you but fills you with confidence. His expertise is second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other patients. He treats you like a person as do all the staff at frimley park hospital. I can see no way to improve an already great hospital.


Written by a patient at Frimley Park Hospital on 8th October 2018

Right hip arthroscopy + labral tear resection + osteochondroplasty. The pain was unbearable when sitting, laying and driving. Since the procedure I've not had any of the pain I'd been experiencing, just usual recovery and rebuilding of strength expected after surgery. Mr Jalgaonkar, the anaesthetist' team and nurses were amazing and took wonderful care of me. The scarring is also minimal! I would have no hesitation in recommending them!


Written by a patient at Frimley Park Hospital on 3rd October 2018

I cannot thank mr Jalgaonkar enough for my new knees. I am able to walk farther than I have been able to for many years. I have a new lease of life and its wonderful !!! Mr Jalgaonkar was very caring, he listened and I felt very safe in the hands of him and his team.

Written by a patient at Spire Clare Park Hospital on 1st October 2018

I underwent complete hip replacement on 1st August at Clare Park Hospital, Crondall Farnham Surrey. This procedure was carried out by Mr Jalgaonkar and has been highly successful. The surgery was minimally invasive, and the recovery and after care has been excellent. As a walker belonging to two groups I am already back walking with my first group and will restart with my second group this week. Basically, I feel I have my life back!!!


Written by a patient at Frimley Park Hospital on 3rd July 2018

Mr Jalgaonkar replaced my left hip a few months ago and the change and improvement has been stunning. From being on four types of strong painkillers to none within less than two weeks was amazing. Mr Jalgaonkar was very polite professional and kept me informed as to what was happening, He also had a very brite upbeat personality which made the procedure a lot more palatable.


Written by a patient at Spire Clare Park Hospital on 23rd June 2018
I tore the cartilage in my right knee playing football; X-rays and an MRI scan also revealed my knee was badly worn and suffering from arthritis. The resulting operation at Spire Park hospital showed the damage was significantly worse than first thought. However, the day following surgery I was essentially pain-free and able to walk freely and unaided, and I'm looking forward to resuming sports in a few weeks time. Mr Jalgaonkar has a very calm, confident and professional manner; he genuinely cares for his patients' wellbeing and clearly is an excellent surgeon based on personal experience and also reading the other reviews on this site. I cannot thank him and his team, including the physiotherapy department, enough. The improvement in my knee in such a short time is nothing less than incredible. I would certainly ask to see Mr Jalgaonkar in future if the need arose, and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.

Written by a patient at Parkside Suite on 21st June 2018

Hip replacement surgery. Miracle man as mobility and progress after surgery on 9th June is amazing and far beyond expectations. Everything explained prior to surgery when I was in excruciating pain and feeling seriously depressed but I immediately had complete faith in Mr Jalgaonkar. I was out walking 5 days after surgery and feel that my life has been given back to me. I have no hesitation in recommending this brilliant man who is both caring and competent in every respect. Thank you so much.


Written by a patient at Frimley Park Hospital on 27th April 2018
Brilliant operation, brilliant surgeon. Back to football training after 5 weeks, back to playing 6 a side competitively after 14 weeks I am now walking 7 miles comfortably, playing table tennis competitively, and dancing, all without any hip pain. I talked to Mr Jalgaonkar before my operation, about my expectations regarding my exercise levels afterwards and he assured me it would be ok. He gave me the confidence to carry on doing the thing I love doing!


Written by a patient at Frimley Park Hospital on 30th January 2018
Mr Jalgaonkar carried out my hip replacement operation during October 2017 at Frimley Park Hospital. He was very friendly, understanding and professional - he explained everything clearly and he and the team were very thorough regarding my needs and concerns (I am 81 years of age). I cannot thank Mr Jalgaonkar enough for his surgical expertise as I was up and walking (albeit with crutches) the following day and discharged within 3 days. Following the aftercare routine I cannot believe how quick my recovery was - I was walking unaided within 3 weeks and was discharged from Physiotherapist (I only had 2 visits). My mobility is great and I am now free of the pain and mobility restrictions I have had for many years. My family and I cannot thank him enough.

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