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Hip Pain can be very disabling and can have a very negative impact on quality of life. Hips could hurt due to variety of causes and the location and nature of hip pain can give valuable clues in the diagnosis. Pain located in the groin is usually related to the hip joint itself. Some of the common hip joint pathologies include arthritis, hip impingement, labral tear, stress fracture, hip dysplasia and avascular necrosis.  Pain on the outer side of the hip, buttock, front of the thigh is usually caused by problems arising from the soft tissues around the hip such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursa or the lower back.

If simple self care measures such as rest, painkillers and ice or heat do not help, then it is advisable to seek medical attention. Research shows that timely intervention for some hip conditions may slow or reverse their progression.  Some of the new minimally invasive surgical techniques, including hip arthroscopy, have revolutionised the treatment of some these conditions. 

Azal Jalgaonkar sees patients of all ages having hip complaint and specialises in minimally invasive hip surgery including MIS total hip replacement and hip arthroscopy. 

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