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Mr Jalgaonkar performs hip replacements using the minimally invasive surgical (MIS) technique through both, the posterior approach and the direct anterior approach (AMIS). Both these approaches involve a small skin incision and the use of special instruments to visualise and replace the hip joint.


The conventional posterior approach is the most common approach for primary and revision hip replacement. The AMIS technique has become increasing popular recently because the new instrumentation allows the hip replacement to be performed through a small scar. It causes less surgical trauma because no muscles are cut during this approach. This can potentially decrease the surgical trauma, post-operative pain, reduce blood loss and result in shorter hospital stay and faster return to daily activities.  


Mr Jalgaonkar plans hip replacement surgery using a computer templating software to ensure the patients get the best results. This pre-operative digital planning is used to confirm that the implants are of correct size, are optimally oriented, leg lengths are maintained and the muscle tension is adequate.


Other intra-operative measures such as performing the surgery under spinal anaesthesia and sedation, enhanced recovery program, infiltration of local anaesthetic in the tissues during the surgery, use of agents during surgery to reduce intra-operative bleeding, adequate post-operative analgesia and early mobilisation and interaction with the physiotherapist have a cumulative effect in promoting quicker recovery.


The results of total hip replacement are outstanding in terms of pain relief and improvement of function. There is no clinical study demonstrating the superiority of one approach over another in the long term. Both the approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Minimally invasive approach is not suitable for every patient and the decision regarding the type of approach and the type of hip replacement will be discussed with you during the consultation. Mr Jalgaonkar always aims to provide his patients with the best possible treatment, resulting in best possible outcomes.

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Minimally invasive hip replacement

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